2013-01-17 12:33 pm
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It was a little bit like breathing
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2013-01-17 12:39 pm

Necromantia Playlist

I Am Bulletproof -- Black Veil Brides
Meant to Die -- The Used
The Best of Me -- The Used
Breath of Life -- Florence + The Machine
Crazy World -- Boys Like Girls
Done for You -- Black Veil Brides
Take Me Home -- Boys Like Girls
Watered Down -- The Used
Days Are Numbered -- Black Veil Brides
New Years Day -- Black Veil Brides
Resurrect the Sun -- Black Veil Brides
Alive -- Becki Ryan
Night of the Hunter (Flood Remix) -- 30 Seconds to Mars
We're Going to Fly Now -- Green Lantern Soundtrack
Don't Wake Me -- Skillet